Atmadarshan Logo

The symbol of Aatmadarshan Yoga & Philosophy Foundation is not just a simple colourful combination of objects, but it symbolizes one’s yogic journey. The symbol is an understanding of the progression of the “Self” from an outside focus to an inward realization of the Absolute. The colours have been arranged in depict the movement from gross to subtle, from physical to spiritual. Black colour represents the grossest form of “Self”, which is mostly inactive physically and mentally. Moving from black to yellow represents the beginning of the journey of self realization, moving from inertia to action. Yellow color is symbol of learning, the stage comes when yoga aspirant learns to walk on the path of “ Self- realizations”. Orange colour represents activity full of energy, when the yoga aspirant deepens his practice. Blue colour symbolizes further depth like the sky and the ocean. At this stage the yoga aspirant attains deeper knowledge and is in a position to impart this knowledge to others. White colour which imbodies all colors, represents purity and clarity, and the “non-duality of the self”.At blue stage “self” is still away from the absolute as yoga aspirant still recognizes the absolute through his “ego” and stays in “Duality”. White represents oneness with “Absoulte – non dual state of the self “. The lotus in the center represents the final realization of the self, when the thousand petal lotus – the Sahasrara chakra is awakened.